Things You Should Do Before Creating Your Custom Chaturbate Profile

Starting your journey as a Chaturbate webcam model may seem like an impossible task, especially for those without prior experience with adult broadcasting. Not only do you have to think about your actual broadcast and all of the technical setup involved in that, but you also have to spend a great deal of time coming up with promotional tactics to get people to actually tune in to your broadcasts.

The good news, though, is that usually these things tend to work themselves out thanks to the great deal of attention usually given to them. One thing that most models seem to overlook, however - and suffer accordingly from, - is the process of profile customization.

They spend so much time worrying about traffic that they don’t leave any time for this crucial step. But as any successful Chaturbate model will tell you, a well customized profile is capable of catching attention and increasing your broadcast audience multiple folds.

Preparing for Profile Customization

Customizing your Chaturbate profile tends to be the defining difference between minimal and huge success on the platform. It almost goes without saying that such a key step should be entered into with the right level of preparation.

A few models have complained about how Chaturbate profile customization is a tough and daunting task. From our findings, however, we noticed that most people who complain about how tough the process is are those who either didn't know about using ready-made profile designer programs like Designurbate, or who didn't have the right amount of time to prepare their customization plan beforehand.

In short, making use of the free Designurbate profile designer (instead of designing from scratch or paying someone to do it on your behalf) makes the process ten times faster and more convenient. But still, before you begin to use the profile builder, it is important that you have some key preparatory steps taken care of. Below are some of the most important ones to have in mind.

Bio Content

The very first area of profile customization to have in mind and figure out before you begin is the bio content. These are the key details about you that would make up the greater part of your design graphics.

Below are some the bio content sections that every customized Chaturbate profile must have:

About Me

Before you start customization, you must know exactly what you want to tell your fans about yourself. And yes, this is actually one of the most important parts of your customization.

The aim of customizing a profile in the first place is to ensure that your visitors and fans are captured by your profile, so much that they are compelled to give you a follow and develop a curiosity about your broadcasts.

Well, one of the best ways to capture their attention without a doubt is to tell them fascinating things about you in this section.

In case you need a little bit of guidance on how to do this perfectly, we have written an in-depth article here on how to write the best introduction for your Chaturbate profile.


Every great customized Chaturbate profile has one or more beautiful images, why? Because, again, the objective of customizing a profile in the first place is to capture attention. And nothing captures a user's attention more than stunning images.

So whenever you want to customize your profile, it is advisable that you first have one or two brilliant images that you will eventually incorporate as part of your final design.

For this you may make use of existing pictures of you, or even take the time to take some more sexy pictures. It will all be worth it in the end. Of course you may also make use of stock photos where appropriate.

Cam Activities

Next up, you have to figure out what activities and actions you're going to perform in your broadcasts. Everyone knows Chaturbate is an adult webcam site, but many don't know that there are actually different kinds of rooms and different kinds of activities taking place in these rooms.

On your own part, you have to have a clear picture of what you're willing to do and what you're not. All of these details are going to be reflected in your customization when the time has come for that.

For this reason, having your cam activities clear in mind beforehand is a must as it makes the next step a lot easier.

Tip Menu

Tip menus take up a significant part of most Chaturbate customization designs. This is mostly because of how important they are. What exactly are tip menus, though, you ask?

Well, think of them as guides for your viewers to understand how many tokens are needed for you to attain a certain milestone and perform a corresponding action.

For instance a model just beginning their broadcast may not get naked immediately. They will instead specify through the tip menu how many tokens it will take for the audience to see them take their clothes off.

A well-customized profile usually has a tip menu section where you specify your price, and what you'll do. Below is an example of a tip menu:

Milestone 1: Flash Boobies

Price 1: 50 tokens

Milestone 2: Flash Ass

Price 2: 100 tokens


Lastly, to complete your bio content, you will want to include some commonly asked questions that you anticipate your audiences and fans will have along the line.

The purpose of this is to make sure that you don't keep answering the same questions all over again. And trust us when we say that there will be these same questions popping up over and over.

You may also want to check out the profiles of other models that have been on the platform for a while. If they happen to be in the same niche as you, then the frequently asked questions will probably be similar.

All you need to do is find the most important of these (two or three should do), come up with your own answer, and include them when it's time to edit your design template.

Enabling Fanclub

Apart from personal bio details and images, before you customize your Chaturbate page it is usually advisable to have your Chaturbate Fanclub set up. You do this by going to your profile and activating the Fanclub option.

For those who don't know, Chaturbate Fanclubs were created as a way to help models earn more by giving special privileges to a group of fans who join the model's Fanclub.

The fans pay a fixed amount of money every month for access to the Fanclub, and in return they get to enjoy a host of perks including special colors for their usernames along with other features the models may choose to give them such as special shows, special photos, and videos, and so on.

Since, ideally, your Chaturbate customization should have your Fanclub details on it, you should endeavor to enable and set up your Fanclub program before customization.

Profile Upselling Content

Profile customization gives models the chance to enjoy myriad benefits including uniqueness, page attractiveness, passing across valuable information, and even selling. That's right, you can sell some of your stuff through your profile. All you have to do is create these contents, perhaps some videos and photo albums that you know your fans would be willing to pay for, place them on your profile and set the number of tokens you'd like to charge for them.

Chaturbate then displays this content to your visitors as locked files that they must pay to view.

So before customization, it is advisable that you have this in mind. Also, your locked content may also act as another perk/incentive for fans to join your Fanclub.

All you have to do is specify in your customizations that Fanclub members get to enjoy these files for free.

Social Media

It is also advisable that you get your social media pages up before customization. For those who already have social media pages they'd like to use to promote their Chaturbate page, all you have to do is copy the URL and you're all set to go.

For those who don't, you will obviously make sure that you open them, then you can get the URL. It is this URL then that you will embed into sections of your profile customization graphics to redirect your fans to your social pages.

This is important seeing as you get more control over what you do with your newly acquired fans, which will ultimately ensure that you're not totally dependent on Chaturbate alone.

DMCA Protection

Furthermore, before customization you might want to come up with a content protection plan. Many models choose to do this through the embedding of a DMCA protection logo on their profiles.

Now while this alone will not completely ensure that people don't steal your content, it will at least act as your first shield of defense to either scare them, or just let them know that your content is protected by DMCA laws (which they are.)

Once you've decided on which route you want to go regarding DMCA, you can proceed to get your DMCA protection logo off of our Designurbate profile builder program.

Legal Disclaimers

Lastly, before customizing your Chaturbate profile, you will want to make sure that you have your copyright protection plan and legal disclaimers ready.

Legal disclaimers are short sentences that you use to specify to your audience which actions are acceptable and which are not. You may also use this to communicate what you're willing to do and what you're not.

Basically, a disclaimer is a few texts laying out some ground rules to avoid future disputes.

On the Designurbate profile builder program we have various templates that you can use to easily craft your own unique legal disclaimer.

Summary & Final Thoughts

More and more models are realizing that to enjoy maximum success on Chaturbate today, you must not just customize your Chaturbate profile, you must do it well. Doing it well, consequently, requires proper planning.

Above we have highlighted the most important facets of Chaturbate profile customization that you must keep in mind and define properly before starting your actual customization.

In summary, before customization you should always have a clear picture of what you want to write in your bio, specifically regarding fascinating and interesting details about you.

You must also have ready the images you want to use, your tip menu items, and of course have a clear idea of the activities you plan to do while on cam.

These are all the things that will determine how you customize your page, and as such having them in mind before you begin makes the entire customization process remarkably easier.

You can even make the process even smoother and faster by making use of the Designurbate profile builder. All you have to do now is select your template, input your details (which you already have clearly in mind now), export your final design and you're good to go.

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