How to Become A Chaturbate Model

Chaturbate is a top camming platform that offers its models some amazing advantages — a high volume of traffic, great percentages, and a wide selection of features. Best of all, it’s super easy to get set up as a Chaturbate model!

Do you have what it takes to become successful? Yes! Anyone over 18 who has the necessary technical equipment and fast internet speeds can begin making money on Chaturbate in almost no time. Chaturbate models can bring in cash by live camming, of course, but your options don’t end there. Through Chaturbate, models can also earn money from selling their videos and galleries and offering premium fanclub membership.

What do you need to know?

Here are the quick facts:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Fanclubs
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples, Groups
  • Model Earnings: 5¢ / Token
  • Payout Schedule: Daily*
  • Min Payout: $50
  • Payout Methods: Check, ACH, Paxum, Bitcoin
  • Cam-Splitting: Yes
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes
  • DMCA Services: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: Yes
What Requirements Do You Need to Meet to Get Started on Chaturbate?

Every Chaturbate model — and anyone who might be performing with them — has to be 18 or over, and to make sure that you meet this requirement, you will need to verify your age before you can become a Chaturbate model and begin to make money by camming.

Besides that key requirement, you’ll also need to have the right technical equipment, alongside a good computer and a high-speed internet connection. Chances are you’ll already have everything that’s needed, though, and you won’t need to buy any new equipment before signing up.

Do you check all these marks?

  • Computer – You’ll need a Windows or Mac computer, and have to be able to run Adobe flash for the platform to work correctly.
  • Webcam – A HD quality cam is definitely your best bet. New Chaturbate models can start with a stock laptop if they choose to, but if it’s not HD, remember to upgrade as soon as you can!
  • High-Speed Internet – Chaturbate models absolutely require high-speed internet (that’s upload speeds of at least 3 Mbps and download speeds of 25 Mbps or more) to. An ethernet (wired, not WiFi) is highly recommended, as this is going to boost your speed.
  • Digital Copy Of your official ID – To become a Chaturbate model, you’ll need to supply a digital image file of your government-issued photo ID. This requirement is in place because the platform needs to be able to verify performers’ age, as well as for Chaturbate’s records and for tax purposes. All models can rest assured that their true identity will be kept private and secure at all times, however.
  • Place to Perform – You’ll also need a place to perform. Most professional webcam models have a dedicated camming room set up for all their performances. Although that choice helps you make the most out of your webcam career, models can also perform in a bedroom.

That’s it! Getting started on Chaturbate is that simple!

Male? Female? Trans? All Genders Are Welcome as Chaturbate Models!

Chaturbate actively welcomes performers of all genders. Whether you’re female, male, transgender, or performing in drag, Chaturbate broadcasters can be any gender or no gender at all.

Chaturbate is also a welcoming space for performers who’d like to create couple or group accounts — and couples or groups of any sexual orientation can perform on Chaturbate. Couples and groups who would love to get started on Chaturbate do need to know that everyone in the group will need to submit official IDs and have their ages verified before they can go live on the platform, though!

How Much Do Chaturbate Models Get Paid?

Chaturbate models are paid 5 cents for each token they earn. That usually comes down to approximately 50 percent, with some variations. The percentage models earn depends on the token packages their customers and followers purchase, with larger token packages being discounted.

Chaturbate models have all the creative freedom. That means that performers can make as much as the set out to, and your potential depends on your business model. Every Chaturbate model is in charge of bringing in their own tips and earnings from private sessions and fanclubs.

What Are Chaturbate’s Cashout Methods, Minumum Payments, and Payment Schedules?

Chaturbate performs need to earn a minimum of $50 before they can cash out in most cases. Models are typically paid on a regular twice monthly schedule, but models who’d like to get daily payouts can request them for a free of $3.95, making the platform extremely flexible.

The cashout options supported by Chaturbate at the moment, with processing fees, are:

  • ePayments (No processing Fee)
  • Check Sent By Mail (No processing Fee)
  • Direct Deposit (No processing Fee, USA Only)
  • Check Sent By FedEx (USA: $40.00 / International: $80.00)
  • Payment by Wire ($45.00 Processing fee)
  • Payment by Paxum ($0.50 Processing fee)
  • Payment by Bitcoin ($3.00 Processing fee)

How to Make Money on Chaturbate

Live Webcam Shows

Live webcam shows are the main way to start earning money as a Chaturbate model, and performs can choose from a variety of different types of shows. Each has a slightly different revenue model. Chaturbate also offers apps and bots, and a whole Chaturbate app store, which broadcasters can use to maximize their revenue. These options will add features and functionality to your lives shows to keep your followers interested — and help you take in the profits!

Curious about the types of shows Chaturbate models can choose from? Here’s a closer look.

​Public Shows (Tip Goals / Tip Games / Tip Menus)

Chaturbate is chiefly a public camming site, one of the main features that set it apart from other live webcam platforms. Others sites might ban public nudity and force models to encourage customers to enter private sessions, often one on one.

At Chaturbate, models can amass large followings through their public shows, and make handsome profits! Because Chaturbate offers public shows, models also have a ton of different ways to bring in revenue.

Models can earn money from public Chaturbate shows in all these ways:

  • Tip Goals: Public shows usually depend on meeting tip goals, and models can use the apps and bots to help achieve them. Mini-goals can be put in place, with milestones that gradually work up to the end goal. Once that goal has been reached, the show can begin. As the excitement builds, customers should be eager to chip in to get the show started.
  • Tipping Games: Tipping games are another really popular way to earn money. Models can choose from a bunch of apps and bots to get them started with tipping games in public chat. Roll The Dice, Token Keno, and guessing games are just some of the options — explore the Chaturbate app store to find out more!
  • Tip Menu: Models can also add tip menus to their profile to increase their profits and customize their offerings. Tip menus can show your customers what they need to pay to see the actions they’re excited to watch, for instance, and can also be used to grant Snapchat access, or social media follows, among other things.
  • Interactive Sex Toys: Interactive “tip to vibrate” shows are an incredibly popular way to increase your profits, too, and Chaturbate collaborates with the top interactive sex toy manufacturers. Performers shouldn’t be deceived by the fact that these tips are small; because your viewers constantly need to keep the tips coming in for the show to go on, these shows offer a great way to maximize your revenue.

Private 1-on-1 Shows (Charged per Minute)

Private 1-on-1 shows are charged by the minute, making them one of the best ways to bring in money on Chaturbate. Models can negotiate these private shows before the session kicks off, something that ensures performers are comfortable with the customer’s wishes and everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

To increase profits and stay within your comfort zone, performers are advised to list the types of private shows they offer on their profile pages. This is also a great way to draw in new customers. If they’re looking for a fetish experience that you offer, you’ll have private shows coming in in no time.

Voyeur/Spy Shows (Charged per Minute)

In an exciting twist, Chaturbate performers can also choose to turn on the “spy show” feature, which allows other Chaturbate members to sneak in and watch any private shows you have going on. These voyeur shows are also paid per minute, and the best part is that Chaturbate models can set their own rates. Take the profits you earn from 1-on-1 shows to the next level with this special feature!

Selling Your Videos and Photo Galleries on Chaturbate

Live camming is the primary way to make money on Chaturbate, but performers also have other options to increase their revenue. Chaturbate models are able to sell their photo and video content to customers directly from their Chaturbate profile pages. As long as you’ve got the right content, the process is simple!

Upload your best photos and videos. Choose between the public and premium options, specify the amount of tokens you want to earn from each download, and your content will automatically be shown on your personal profile.

Offering video and photo galleries is an awesome way to generate passive income through the Chaturbate platform, even when you’re not online. It can also get new viewers interested in joining your live shows!

​Running a Private Fanclub

Chaturbate models who sell unique photo and video galleries can also choose to enable the fanclub feature, which allows viewers to subscribe — and gives them access to all of your content, without having to buy each piece of content separately.

When you have fanclubs enabled, your fans’ names will be shown in green in your chat room. That way, you can give them the special attention they deserve.

Other chaturbate features​Apps and Bots: Chaturbate’s built-In App Store

The apps and bots are some of Chaturbate’s greatest features. With this well-designed app store, models can create a next-level experience by keeping track of their tip goals, getting interactive sex toys react to tips, adding tip games to the chatroom… and that’s just the start! The Apps and Bots section shows performs how much money the apps are adding to their revenue, as well.

Other chaturbate features​Fully Customizable Profile Pages

Chaturbate allows performers to fully customize their profiles, including with a variety of HTML elements. The sky is the limit with this coding freedom! Less tech-savvy models can use simple tools to design the best Chaturbate profile possible, some of which were designed especially with Chaturbate in mind.

Other chaturbate features​Geoblocking: Block Users From Specific States / Countries

Chaturbate’s regional blocking capabilities allow models to block viewers from certain countries, regions, or US states. This allows models to remain more private as they block viewers from their home regions.

​Assigning Moderators: Better Chatroom Management

Moderator help Chaturbate models create the best possible show, and you can assign this role to any trusted viewer to help you out. Models can determine expiration dates for mod privileges and as such create temporary moderators, too.

Moderators can:

  • Communicate directly with the model
  • Edge viewers on to give tips to reach goals
  • Keep viewers updated if there’s a problem with the broadcast arise
  • Keep a close eye on the chat during shows, muting viewers who break the rules
Other chaturbate featuresChaturbate Allows Cam-Splitting (Performing On Multiple Sites)

Chaturbate enables cam-splitting, which makes it possible for models to broadcast to multiple sites at once. This feature is designed to help models gain private sessions, and when the private show is done, the performer can immediately return to public chat rooms across multiple sites.

Chaturbate Affiliate / Referral Program

Chaturbate has an affiliate program through which webmasters and models can get commissions when they refer new customers to Chaturbate. Models can get paid for every free signup, or gain a lifetime revenue-share on all their referrals’ token purchases. Another great way to earn some passive income!

​Chaturbate Supports Studio Accounts

Chaturbate supports studio accounts, which studios can use to add models through dedicated signup links. Chaturbate pays the studio directly in these cases, and the studio is then responsible for paying its models.

Studios may be physical or digital, either providing a show location or consultation and traffic services.

Sign Up As a Chaturbate Broadcaster

Are you ready get started as a broadcaster on a top camming site that offers immense amounts of traffic, great percentages, and awesome customization features? Sign up today! Make money from live webcam shows, fanclubs, and content galleries! Take advantage of the app store features to take your revenue to the next level!

What are you waiting for? Chaturbate welcomes performers of all genders as well as couples and groups, offers great creative freedom, and an easy to use platform!