How To Use Your Chaturbate Fanclub To Make More Money

There are quite a few webcam modeling platforms out there, but Chaturbate remains one of the best and most popular thanks to a number of impressive factors.

One of the best parts about being a Chaturbate model, no doubt, is the tools one gets to make as much money as possible without jeopardizing the primary revenue source. For instance, as a Chaturbate model you can make money through your regular broadcasts, upselling through your profile, and of course through a program known as Chaturbate Fanclub.

Many models who are familiar with Chaturbate know the importance of Chaturbate Fanclubs. In fact, some of the most successful models the Platform has ever seen are those who found a way to master all possible features - including fanclubs - to boost their earnings and sustain an impressive following.

You too can take advantage of this feature to increase your revenue and enjoy all the other benefits that come with it - and yes, there are others.

Below we take a look at what exactly Chaturbate Fanclubs are, what advantages they offer, and the best ways to maximize their potential to the fullest.

What's a Chaturbate Fanclub?

Chaturbate Fanclubs are simply a subscription agreement option that you make available to your fans in exchange for a few perks, some of which are provided by the Chaturbate system for all members of a Fanclub, and some of which are provided by you as you see fit.

For instance, once a fan chooses to join any Chaturbate Fanclub they are immediately promoted to a special member, meaning their display names in rooms will be shown in a different color.

Apart from this, they also get access to private messages, exclusive content, and so much more. In fact, apart from the regular perks that come with being members of a Fanclub, you too as a model can choose to give your Fanclub members more benefits to show recognition and appreciation for their support.

Fanclub members pay a set amount as a subscription every month. What you choose to charge for you Fanclub is up to you. Once you set the figure and members subscribe, the Chaturbate system deals with deducting the token amount from your fans' credit cards every month.

Why You Should Start a Chaturbate Fanclub

Additional Revenue Source

Chaturbate Fanclubs offer a win - win for all parties involved. As a model, your benefits are quite straightforward. First and foremost, you get an additional source of revenue.

Fanclub members are charged on a monthly basis, so basically you know that as long as you hold up your end of the bargain and fulfill your commitment to your fans, you will be getting a stable source of income every month. It doesn't get any better than that.

Your Followers Feel Special

Secondly, apart from the direct income you gain from this simple feature, you also get something that is maybe even a little bit more profound - you get to make your fans and followers feel special.

The truth is most of your fans want to be close to you, or at least feel as though they are. They don't want to feel as though they have the same relationship with you that the others do, too. They want to feel special.

With the Chaturbate Fanclubs feature you can give them exactly what they crave.

Your Followers Become More Loyal

Making your followers feel special is a benefit in itself, but it also has a way of spiraling into even more additional benefits. You get to earn revenue, your followers feel special, and then ultimately through this mutual satisfaction, you build a much stronger bond with them, and they become long term loyal fans instead of just mere followers.

Any successful Chaturbate model would tell you that the key to achieving sustainable success on the platform is turning short-term visitors into long-term fans.

Allows You to Share Content to an Exclusive Set of People

Another practical advantage of starting a Chaturbate Fanclub for your audience is that it allows you more control over your own content and who you choose to share it with.

For instance it is not uncommon for models to shoot content so special that they don't feel comfortable sharing it with everyone for some reason. Or maybe they just want to share it with people they can trust.

With Chaturbate Fanclub you have exactly the required platform to do this. You share your content to just a select few and make money on it.

Extremely Easy to Run

Lastly you should consider starting a Chaturbate Fanclub because it is actually quite easy to run. I mean, there are many features out there that most models don't take advantage of because they consider it to be additional stress.

With Chaturbate Fanclub you're not even stressing yourself at all. The extra steps you need is just to fulfill whatever obligations you set, and before you know it you're reaping the rewards in the form of more money through monthly subscriptions.

What's in it for Your Fans?

They Receive Premium Content

So Chaturbate Fanclubs are great for you as a model for a number of reasons which we've highlighted above. But of course naturally you may be wondering, what's in it for the fans? Well they have a lot to gain too.

First of all they get to receive premium content that isn't available to ordinary members. That in itself is a more than valid reason for most people to consider upgrading to joining your Fanclub.

They Form a Stronger Relationship with You

As mentioned earlier, your hardcore fans on Chaturbate want to be more than just mere spectators. They want to stand out and have a connection with you, no matter how seemingly superficial.

Through Chaturbate Fanclub you're giving them the right avenue to experience this feeling. The mere fact that their name appears in a different color is enough perk for many.

They Can Send Private Messages

The benefits of joining a Fanclub as a member isn't limited to premium content and change in display color alone. Depending on the model, Fanclub members may also get to send their favorite models personal messages which they wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

This varies from model to model, of course, and generally the more perks you offer your fans for joining your Fanclub the higher you're able to charge for monthly subscriptions.

Special Monthly Shows

Many models on Chaturbate are known to include a special monthly show for their Fanclub members just as a way of saying thank you and as a way of increasing the value of their memberships.

This makes sense, of course, because again just for a few tokens many users would definitely jump at the opportunity to feel special AND enjoy a special show every month!

Other Additional Perks You Might Choose to Include

Lastly, models are allowed to come up with additional perks for their Chaturbate Fanclub, as long as it is in accordance with the rules of the platform. So in case you come up with any additional feature you think your fans will appreciate, then by all means go for it.

Your fans will definitely appreciate you for it.

Tips for Running a Successful Fanclub

Offer Something Valuable

Not all Chaturbate Fanclubs are successful, but the most successful are definitely the ones that offer their fans something that is of true value to them. Luckily above we have made mention of some: special shows, messaging privileges, and just the sheer gift of feeling special should work wonders.

Customize your Profile

Customizing your profile greatly increases the chances of your Fanclub being a success. Not only does it make you stand out and look attractive, but you can also use the design graphics to pass across key information about your Fanclub details, features, and perks.

Set Reasonable Pricing

Pricing for Chaturbate Fanclubs is quite flexible and is usually dependent on the perks you offer. It is imperative that you don't overcharge for subscriptions, or you may have less people joining than you should. It is usually a good idea to check what other similar models are charging for their Fanclubs to get an idea of how much you should charge for yours too.

Respond to Private Messages

Lastly, make sure that you always fulfill your commitments to your Fanclub members. There is no point having a Fanclub where people pay for perks and don't even end up getting the features that they paid for.

And yes, there are indeed Fanclubs like this.

Words get out. Once people see the perks of being in your Fanclub, you build a reputation and attract more people. The same goes for the opposite.

Reply to their messages, mention their names, and shower them with attention. All of these may seem like simple tasks that don't really amount to anything but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Trust us when we say that simple though they may seem, they definitely pay off in the end.