How To Enable and Configure Your Chaturbate Fan Club

Many people refer to Chaturbate Fanclubs as the hidden gem of Chaturbate. While it is indeed an absolute gem, it actually isn't that hidden at all. A lot of people just don't know about it because they are too focused on trying to earn money on the platform just by doing regular broadcasts and getting tips from audiences.

Now don't get it wrong, broadcasting and live shows are still the main event and most prominent revenue source on Chaturbate, and you will have to focus on it to achieve success on the platform.

But, at the same time, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from searching for ways to consolidate your broadcast earnings through other additional methods allowed by the platform. And even though there are quite a few strategies to consider in this regard, starting a Fanclub remains one of the best thanks to its seamlessness, ease, and profit potential.

In case you too want to jump on the Fanclub train, below is an in-depth guide on how to go about it to ensure the best possible result.

What is Chaturbate Fanclub?

Chaturbate Fanclub is an initiative wherein a model gives their fans the ability to enjoy certain perks and advantages which are not available to other followers who are not members of the Fanclub.

You may feel free to consider Fanclubs as a way of separating the really loyal and committed users from regular users. Models start Fanclubs to earn more revenue while at the same time giving their fans something special that isn't available to the general public.

For instance, one of the built-in perks of joining a Fanclub is that display names change color in live chat to separate people in a Fanclub from those who aren't. Apart from this unique identification, members of a Fanclub may also enjoy additional features including special live broadcasts, exclusive content, ability to send and exchange DMs with the model whose fanclub they belong to, and so on.

For this, they pay a fixed price every month, say 500 tokens per month, which means the model gets to earn more money while the fans get to enjoy even more benefits. It is practically a win-win for all parties involved.

Starting a Chaturbate Fanclub

Starting a Fanclub on Chaturbate is a pretty easy and straightforward process. Seeing as the platform itself already has a Fanclub feature, all you have to do is go to your page as a model and enable the feature.

Now it should be noted that while, automatically, once you start a Fanclub and members start to join, the members get to enjoy some built-in benefits such as the ability to have their username colors changed to separate them from regular users, this isn't the end of what you can do for them.

As a model, you may also have some additional benefits or perks which you would like members of your Fanclub to enjoy whenever they join. This may include sending them sexy welcoming content or messages, holding special shows for them, and lots more.

While many users will pay to join a Fanclub just to feel special by having their username colors appear different from others during chats, many models include extra benefits to incentivize even more people to join.

Seeing as the fee for joining a Fanclub is fixed and is charged on a monthly basis, it actually makes sense that you as a model do everything possible to get the maximum number of people to join your Fanclub.

The more members you have, the higher your profit potential.

Benefits of Having a Chaturbate Fanclub

Benefits of having a Chaturbate Fanclub are quite profound and stretch more than just earning additional revenue. If you take a long-term view and do it right, they may just be your tool to have a strong foothold for a long, successful Chaturbate journey.

Below are some of the best advantages a Fanclub offers you as a model:

1. More Loyal Followers

One of the most underrated advantages of starting a Fanclub is the impact it has on followers. Many models look to start a Fanclub just because of how much they can earn with it in the short-term. This is a quite limited way of looking at things.

Chaturbate Fanclubs give fans a sense of uniqueness; a sense of community and belonging. And because they're your fans, they definitely care about you and want to connect with you.

By giving them an opportunity to join an exclusive group, they start to feel closer and closer to you. Since you're making them feel more special and connected, they in turn become more loyal to you.

There is no recipe better for building long-term revenue than having a strong, loyal fanbase.

2. More Exclusive Content

Running a Chaturbate Fanclub also gives you a chance to put out more exclusive content to your Fanclub members only. This is especially pertinent for models who feel as though they can't share their truly racy stuff with everybody.

Your Fanclub members become sort of like a safe space where you can share anything knowing it'll be secure and appreciated. You know that they also pay a commensurate subscription and you'll never be on the losing side.

3. Ease of Operation

Despite what many people think, Chaturbate Fanclubs are actually quite easy to run, especially considering the benefits you gain from them. Many would imagine Fanclubs require constant administration and moderation and whatnot, but this is not the case.

Fanclubs are already managed by the Chaturbate system so all you have to do is fulfill your commitments promised to Fanclub members, which shouldn't be too hard.

4. Revenue

Last and definitely not the least, Chaturbate Fanclubs offer the benefits of adding significantly to your earnings on the platform. Despite the other benefits and their long-term appeal, there is no denying that every model on Chaturbate wants to make more money.

Chaturbate Fanclub is a relatively stress-free way to do this while connecting with your fans and giving them a sense of belonging at the same time.

How to Run a Successful Fanclub

The benefits of having a Chaturbate Fanclub, as we've seen above, are numerous. More and more models are starting to realize this and, consequently, more Fanclubs are popping up on the platform.

To achieve success running a Fanclub, you must make sure that you do everything right and offer something unique to convince your fans to become super fans. Below are some fail proof tips on how to run a successful Chaturbate Fanclub.

• Make your Offer Valuable

This may look as though it goes without saying, but it is worth mentioning anyway. If you're ever going to run a successful Fanclub, you must offer your prospective members something too good to turn down.

Think about it this way, the fact that these users already follow you means they are interested in what you have to offer. That's a leverage that you have to consolidate.

What more can you give them to push them from being just mere fans to loyal followers? That should be the question.

• Be Unique

Everybody wants to give their fans the best. But "the best" doesn't always apply to the same scenarios every time. The best thing you can offer may happen to be different from others.

This isn't a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great thing. Use it to your advantage. Users are tired of having the same things anyway. If you can give them something they can't get elsewhere, then there is even more reason for them to join and tell their friends about it.

• Connect More with Your Fanclub Members

One of the strongest incentives for anyone to join your Fanclub is so that they can connect with you more. There is no point promising them a stronger connection if you're not going to at least acknowledge them, call them by their usernames or do something to make them feel a personal connection.

• Learn From Others

This may seem as though it contradicts the "be unique" advice, but it doesn't. To even think of offering anything unique, you must first understand what people are doing that is common.

That is the only way you can then improve upon it and be truly unique.

Study other Fanclubs, what are the models offering? Can you match it and improve on it? There are also features that are a must to offer. It is only by analyzing other models in your category that you can know what these are.

Final Thoughts

Chaturbate Fanclubs are great because they offer a perfect solution for every party involved on Chaturbate. The models get to add an additional source of revenue and separate their most loyal followers from the pack, while the users get to enjoy numerous benefits and feel a sense of connection with their favorite models.

This win - win characteristic is the major reason why every Chaturbate model has to take advantage of the Fanclub feature today if they haven't been doing so already.