How To Add Social Media Buttons On Chaturbate

Among the numerous webcam platforms on the internet right now, Chaturbate is without a doubt one of the best and most advisable for new models. Many consider it to be their favorite not just thanks to the incredible number of available users and in-house traffic that it offers, but also because of its expansive features and compatibility.

For instance, Chaturbate models can create a unique identity for themselves by customizing their profiles as they please. They can also link out to other social media platforms through embedded external links on their bio pages.

All of these are nice features for a broadcaster to have. What's more, models not only have the chance to insert their social media links on their bios, but they can also go the extra mile by making these links appear more beautiful and clickable through custom social media buttons and icons.

In case you're a Chaturbate model who's seen this feature on other models' pages and would love to have one for yourself too, you have come to the right place. Below is an in-depth guide on how to add social media buttons on Chaturbate along with a list of the numerous benefits you tend to derive from doing so.

How to Add Social Links on Chaturbate

Adding social media links and buttons on Chaturbate can be done in one of two ways. Before we go into more details on both options, though. it is worth noting that both alternatives require a little bit of HTML formatting.

This is because Chaturbate supports media embedding on profiles only through HTML codes, and as such for you to customize your profile in any way, you must first get a media URL which you'll then input as part of a HTML code. Thankfully this is just basic HTML that anyone can pull off in just a couple of quick steps.

As for the two options themselves, while they are both HTML, they vary slightly in the sense that one requires a simple copy and paste of ready-made codes while the other requires a little bit of customization on your part for more uniqueness.

Option 1: Ready-to-Use Codes

The first step to having social buttons on your Chaturbate profile is to make use of ready-to-use HTML codes. This option is quite popular thanks to its remarkable ease and speed.

All you have to do is copy the code below, insert your twitter URL in the appropriate part, paste it on your edit bio page and you're good to go.

Once you click update and refresh the page you should see your new social button on your profile and clicking it should take you directly to your Twitter page.

Here's the appropriate code for some of the most popular social platforms:


<a href=""> <img src="Button Image URL" alt="Twitter" width="100" height="100"></a>


<a href=""> <img src="Button Image URL" alt="Instagram" width="100" height="100"></a>

Note that you will have to replace the URL with your own Twitter or Instagram profile.

The problem with this option, of course, is that despite its ease and convenience, it is actually quite rigid and limited. For instance if you happen to have another social media account that isn't popular you wouldn't know how to go about it.

Or say for example you don't like any of the buttons the codes above give you, and instead would prefer a custom button of your own, simply copying and pasting as above won't give you the outcome you desire.

If you happen to fall into any of either category, then the second option below might be worthy of consideration.

Option 2: Custom Codes and Designs

To solve the problem of flexibility, many models choose to use their own custom codes and designs. This can also go along two different paths. For instance, you can choose to design your own social media button from scratch and then upload this and embed on your Chaturbate profile.

Many consider this to be too much though and instead they prefer to select from a wide range of available designs, and then upload these designs and embed.

As for the HTML embedding aspect of it, the general principle applies. What you want to do is get a social button, upload, generate your URL and then insert it into the same HTML format.

Obviously, the major difference between this and the first option is that in this case you get to choose from a wide range of custom buttons instead of being limited to one button already embedded in a rigid code.

But basically the code format remains the same as below:

<a href="Social URL"> <img src="Button Image URL" alt="Your Preferred Text" width="100" height="100"></a>

Here your *button image URL* would be the URL of your desired button. You will also have to replace *social URL* with the link to your social media page, and *your preferred text* would be any text message you want to display when users hover over the button.

You can use this same format for pretty much any social media website so long as you use the appropriate button and profile link.

The Best Option: Using Designurbate

Finally, it should be worth noting that there is another option that basically gives you the best of both worlds, and that is none other than using Designurbate to get your social buttons.

On Designurbate there are more than enough variety of social button designs, giving you absolute flexibility without having to design anything yourself from scratch. All you have to do is browse the categories of button designs you want, and the system handles the rest.

Here you'll also get the appropriate HTML formatting codes for any social media website of your choosing so that the whole process becomes a lot faster and even more convenient.

Benefits of Adding Social Links on Chaturbate

• Diversification

One of the major reasons it is extremely advisable for models to embed their social media buttons on their Chaturbate profiles is diversification. Chaturbate is great because it already has its traffic and consistently directs visitors to the website, but smart models find a way to leverage this traffic on more than just Chaturbate itself.

By including your social media links on your profile, your fans and followers are able to follow you to other places too, thereby diversifying and safeguarding your stocks in a way.

Think about it this way, what if one day you wake up and all of a sudden, your Chaturbate page has disappeared. This isn't likely to happen, of course, but if it does, you'll certainly feel better knowing you have other ways of reaching your followers on other social platforms.

• Stand Out

Believe it or not, having a social icon on your profile helps you stand out. On a platform where there are so many models in a similar niche and everyone's just trying to do the same things, having even a little bit of separation from the pack can go a long way in helping you appear unique to new followers.

And yes, even if it's just a few social media buttons here and there, they do add something different to your profile that is more attractive to look at than just the regular text details everyone has on their Chaturbate profiles.

• Ease of Discovery

Having social media links on your Chaturbate profile makes it a lot easier for you to get discovered. How is this so, you ask? Well first of all on a basic level anyone who sees you or hears about you on one platform would want to find you on another platform.

It is definitely in your best interest to make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

Secondly, apart from people looking to find you directly, it is also a lot easier for search engines to also recognize which profiles are yours when you link them through other social platforms, including Chaturbate.

All in all, having social links on your profile makes it easier for both search engines and people to find you. And obviously the easier it is for your profiles to be discovered, the faster you grow.

• Brand Building

Lastly, apropos of the point above, having social button links on your profile makes it easy to be discovered, which in turns makes your brand building lots more effective.

If your aim goes past just having lots of followers on Chaturbate only, then you need to build a brand with a solid presence on multiple social media platforms. And linking through all of them is a great way to start.


Adding social media buttons to your Chaturbate page is possible thanks to the compatibility of the platform with HTML codes. Through this you can upload any custom social media icon you like, insert your own social media profile link in it, and embed the code on your profile so that all your visitors and followers can get easily redirected to your social pages.

Apart from this, adding social links also offers a handful of other benefits including ease of discovery, brand building, and offering you a little dose of uniqueness.