What Is the Best Way to Use Chaturbate Hashtags?

Hashtags are an important aspect of any social website, particularly when it comes to navigation and organization, and even though they got popularized by Twitter and other social media platforms, webcam platforms also use them for better organization and to make it easy for users to discover content that appeals to them.

As a model on Chaturbate, hashtags can be a powerful tool to increase your viewers and even build a larger following.

But like all major features capable of giving you a significant edge, you must learn how to use them perfectly to get all the benefits they have to offer. Luckily, that's exactly what this article is for.

Below we have highlighted in careful detail everything you need to know about Chaturbate hashtags, starting from what they are, what benefits you derive from using them, how to use them properly, and the rules you have to follow to make sure that you don't overuse them.

What are Chaturbate Hashtags?

Chaturbate hashtags are just like any social media hashtag in the sense that they all start with the # symbol and their job is to make it easier for people to navigate the website and discover what it is they're looking for without having to scour through thousands of unrelated contents.

The difference here, though, is that Chaturbate hashtags are added to rooms during broadcasts and can be adjusted/edited accordingly should the need arise.

Benefits of Hashtags on Chaturbate

You might have heard people say hashtags are one of the most important weapons any Chaturbate model has in their arsenal. Well, we're here to let you know that this is absolutely true.

Think about it this way. On Chaturbate, whether or not you're an established veteran or a newbie just starting out, you probably have a few people who already know about your profile thanks to a few promotional efforts on your part. Most importantly, though, to make sure you continue growing, you need more people to keep discovering your profile without much effort on your part.

That's the beauty of Chaturbate. Without even doing tons of promotion, the platform has enough in-house traffic to make sure even new models get people to view their broadcasts. The question is, how do you get these prospective viewers, all with different tastes and preferences, to view YOUR own content.

Answer? By maximizing the use of hashtags on your broadcasts. This is what tells Chaturbate exactly what you have to offer.

And once you're done adding your hashtags to your broadcasts, your room will appear in the Chaturbate tag search engine so that whenever a user searches for models according to the tastes or fetishes you include in your hashtag, your room also shows up.

How to Use Hashtags

So simply put, adding hashtags to your broadcasts makes it a lot easier to discover. And when done rightly, even without much promo on your part, hashtags can deliver loads of viewers to your broadcasts while you focus on giving them a great show and turning them into long-term followers.

So how exactly do you use hashtags on Chaturbate? Well first thing you have to do, obviously, is start a broadcast. Once your broadcast is ready, you will see an option that says, “Show yourself”. Click on this option and then click on the name of your room which will appear right above your camera.

Once you do this, a box will pop up inside which you'll be asked to add the appropriate labels/hashtags that best describes your room. At this point you should already have in mind the hashtags you would like to use.

In case you don't know how to choose the best hashtags yet, you don't have to worry. In the next section we look over some key elements that determine what makes the best hashtags and how to choose the most appropriate ones for your broadcasts.

To input your hashtags in the appropriate box, start by inserting the # symbol followed by the appropriate label and then a space before adding the second label. Do this until you have added five labels.

Finally, at the end save your changes by clicking “Submit”. Once this is done you should see a page showing that the details of your room have changed, and your new hashtags have been added.

Types of Hashtags and How to Choose the Best One

First of all, in your quest to choose the best hashtags on Chaturbate, it is worth having in mind that the key function of a Chaturbate hashtag in the first place is to give users a general idea of what you have to offer, so that they may know if it falls into the category of what they're looking for.

This information is also fed to the search engine which then directs followers with similar keywords to your room.

That said, below are four categories of hashtags on Chaturbate that you can use to decide the appropriate ones for you.

• Physical Descriptive Hashtags

Physical descriptive hashtags are those that describe one or more aspects of your physical appearance. Examples of these include: #bigaass, #bigtits, #teen, #skiny, #blonde, etc.

• Location or Ethnicity

Ethnicity plays a major role in determining many users' preference when it comes to webcam broadcasts. You too can use this to your advantage. Examples of these labels include: #latina #african #colombian #europe #asian etc.

• Activity Tags

Activity tags describe the actions that go on during your shows. They are very important seeing as most people don't care about physical or ethnicity, all they want, for example, is to see some feet or squirt action.

Examples of tags in this category include: #squirt #feet #anal #bdsm #deepthroat #lesbian etc.

• Toys

Lastly, another important category of hashtags are those that let users know which kind of toys and games you have going on in your shows. Toys like: #lovense #ohmibod #lush – and games (apps) that have become very popular with users like: tokenkeno #Roll The Dice #CrazyTicket and so on.

How to Choose the Best Hashtags

Knowing all of these categories gets you closer to choosing the best hashtags to add to your broadcasts. A general rule of thumb is to make sure you have at least one hashtag from each category without breaking the rule of maximum allowed hashtag usage.

Speaking of rules, below are some of the general things you have to be on the lookout for when choosing the appropriate Chaturbate hashtags.

Chaturbate Hashtag Rules

Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase your visibility on Chaturbate and make your rooms visible to thousands of interested users. Sadly, they may also be a quick way to get banned – if you don't use them appropriately.

If you follow the rules, though, you should have no problems at all. So what exactly are the rules when it comes to hashtags? Well first of all, do NOT use inaccurate descriptions of your room just because you think it will attract more people.

For instance, using #bdsm hashtags for a teasing broadcast, or using certain ethnic hashtags to which you don't belong, can all be reported and get you banned.

Secondly, the platform only allows a maximum of five hashtags. This is why you have to make sure you have the perfect five in your head before you add labels.

Luckily you can edit your hashtags as much as you like until you get the perfect one for you.

Extra Tip: Write Your Labels in English

While this is NOT AT ALL a rule set by the platform, it is worth mentioning that when setting your labels on Chaturbate, the language we'd most recommend that you write in is English.

This is because most of the users who connect - and most importantly those who can and are willing to PAY - may not understand your language. As it is, English is the most popular language on the platform and is usually understood by the majority of people looking to discover exciting rooms.

Therefore, to increase your chances of being discovered, it is recommended to write the labels in English.

Summary & Conclusion

Many models on Chaturbate have been able to build a large following and sustainable income thanks solely to their expert use of hashtags. Simple as they might appear, they are one of your greatest weapons when it comes to leveraging the tons of available traffic on Chaturbate and directing them to YOUR page.

To use hashtags correctly, you must make sure to never use misleading labels and not exceed the maximum five allocated space given by the platform. Luckily, you don't have to get it absolutely right in the first place.

Choosing the best five usually involves a trial-and-error process where you choose at least one label from five different categories such as location, physical description, activity, and toy usage. You can then switch and change until you get the perfect formula, i.e. the perfect combination of hashtags that brings in the greatest number of users.