How to Use Twitter to Increase your Chaturbate Followers

Some Chaturbate models excel more than others for a number of reasons. Better profile customization, better content, better promotion, among others.

One thing is always constant, however, and that is the fact that if you want to continually stand out from the pack on Chaturbate and take your traffic to the next level, you have to continue to find a way to innovate.

Innovating your Chaturbate page involves doing something that not many models happen to be doing at that present moment. This may be continual customization or new unique content, and it may be down to automation of a few tasks.

In this article we're here to talk about the latter—how to combine automation and twitter to explode your following and audience numbers on Chaturbate.

Many people already realize Twitter's huge potential when it comes to getting your content out there and getting more Chaturbate followers. The problem, though, is that keeping up the consistency required for success is usually a chore that many just can’t keep up with.

Well, we're here to let you know that it really doesn't have to be a chore in the first place. Why? Because this is where Streamtout comes in.

About Streamtout

On the most basic level, Streamtout is a Chaturbate tool that allows you to live tweet to your twitter followers immediately you begin to broadcast on your webcam. This seems like something that would definitely come in handy, right?

Well it doesn't just end there.

Not only can you use Streamtout to live tweet while you live stream, but the program also allows you to do this automatically. Meaning YOU don't even have to do anything at all. The program handles it all on your behalf.

And this is only on the simplest level. Apart from just tweeting to your audience, the program also handles a lot of additional features on your behalf, all of which have been proven to be extremely effective in increasing visibility of your tweet and, of course, sending more traffic to your Chaturbate page.

How does Streamtout Work?

It's hard enough to get everything ready for a smooth live performance, the last thing any model wants is to start worrying about how to get the word out on other platforms that the livestreaming has begun.

Streamtout effectively eliminates this headache. With the program, models can begin their live streaming knowing that simultaneously Streamtout has already put the word out on twitter for their followers (and even non-followers) to visit their Chaturbate pages and check out their live broadcast as it happens.

So how exactly does this work?

Well first thing you have to do to make use of Streamtout’s features is link your twitter account to Streamtout. You do this by clicking get started on the Streamtout homepage, and then logging in with your twitter account.

After this, you set up your stream username, and that is it! Once both of these steps are completed, Streamtout automatically monitors your page.

The program detects whenever you come online, and whenever you're live. It will then take care of not only tweeting for you, but maximizing your reach through a number of proven, automated steps.

Benefits of Using Streamtout

As mentioned earlier, Streamtout automatically takes care of tweeting to your followers whenever you take major actions on Chaturbate such as come online or start broadcasting.

But it doesn't just end there, below we take a look at some of the ways this key step can help increase your overall income on Chaturbate.

• Alerting Followers

At its basic level, Streamtout calls the attention of your followers to your page whenever you begin to broadcast. Now this might seem like a simple step, but its benefits cannot be underestimated. Most of your followers spend time on twitter, and as such may not be aware that you're even online on Chaturbate.

By auto tweeting with Streamtout, you automatically call their attention to you, and before you know it a good number of them surely come running over.

• Tweet Templates

Calling your followers' attention to your presence on Chaturbate is good, but if you don't do it in the perfect way, you may not get as many of them to come over as possible.

With Streamtout, there are more than enough tweet templates to switch between for the maximum possible conversion. What's more? All of these templates have been statistically proven through numerous real-time trials.

Streamtout also ensures that there are more than enough options to ensure variety and freshness every time you send out a tweet.

• Hashtag Optimization

Apart from sending out automated tweets and sending out the right tweets, Streamtout also carries out a key function that ensures maximum results, and it does this through hashtag optimization.

Sending out a simple tweet is fine, but this only gets to your followers. To ensure your tweets reach as many people as possible, you must optimize with the right keyword.

The factors that make a good keyword are varied and dependent on a few variables. Through different tests, Streamtout uses its advanced algorithm to come up with the perfect hashtag to reach the right amount of people.

These keywords are then embedded along with your tweet when it's sent out so that you're not only reaching out to your followers, but also acquiring new ones in the process.

• No Downloads Needed

You don't have to worry about downloading extra software or even creating extra accounts when you use Streamtout. All you have to do is login to your twitter account as usual.

Streamtout is twitter approved and it works by connecting to the twitter API, through which you, as an account owner, grant it access to make tweets on your behalf.

As we'll see in the section below, all of these are pretty basic steps that can be concluded in just a few minutes.

Setting Up Your Streamtout Account

Setting up a Streamtout account is as simple and straightforward as possible. We take a look at the few key steps involved below:

Step 1: Initial Setup

The initial setup stage is where you link your Twitter account to Streamtout by logging on to Twitter. This is just like the regular logging in to your Twitter account, the only difference is here you first have to go through Streamtout so that it can obtain access to tweet on your behalf and that's it.

The program does NOT have your password and can NOT make profile changes on your behalf. It only tweets for you and that is all.

Step 2: Setting Up Stream Username

The next step is to set up your Chaturbate Stream username so that the program may be able to understand whenever you happen to be online and broadcasting. This step can also be completed easily with only a couple clicks.

Step 3: Tweet Configuration

After completing both steps above, you can rest assured that Streamtout has everything it needs to send out optimized tweets for you whenever you start broadcasting.

To make the program more effective, it is advisable that you choose the best tweets. If you happen to have a tweet of your own, you may even choose to go with that too.

Step 4 - Action

And that is it. All that is left for you is to give it a test run whenever you start your next broadcast. It is also worth mentioning that Streamtout does not include its own branding or hashtag in your tweets. The program monitors your stream and sends out your desired optimized tweets for more conversion, and that is all.

Maximizing Streamtout and Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for new and established models to send traffic to their Chaturbate pages. The reasons for this are numerous.

First of all, unlike Instagram and others, Twitter is considered very accepting of adult content. Secondly, the demographics and growth potential on Twitter for cam models is just perfect.

The niche is also a pretty well-established one.

For one, you wouldn't be the first to try the platform and you certainly wouldn't be the first to achieve major success with it. Numerous models consider twitter their only social media platform because it works.

On its own, Twitter boasts of 187 million monetizable users per day, and 70% of them are male. More than 28% of these are between 25 - 34 years old.

In the adult niche, even accounts with less than 500 followers are able to generate about 100,000 impressions. In short, if you don't have a twitter account already, now is the next best time to set one up!

Streamtout FAQ

In case you happen to still be unclear on some aspects of the program, below are a few frequently asked questions about Streamtout, and their answers to clear things up further.

  • How Much Do I Have to Pay for Using Streamtout?

Streamtout is a hundred percent free! Yes, you read that right. You don't have to worry about paying a monthly subscription or even a one-off fee to use the program. All you have to do is set-up your profile as highlighted earlier and you should be able to use the program however you feel, as many times as you want to.

  • Is Streamtout Safe?

Yes, Streamtout is absolutely safe. In case you have reservations whether the program has control over your account, well it doesn't. The application is twitter approved and is allowed to tap into the Twitter API because they know that they program does not have access to your password or account beyond tweeting on your behalf every now and then.

So yes, Streamtout is as safe as they come.

  • Are the Tweets Going to be From My Handle or Streamtout's?

All tweets you schedule on your end will only be posted on your own handle, exclusively. Streamtout and nobody else for that matter knows the tweet you want to send before it's sent. Only the program does, and it will only send out tweets from the account on which it is configured to do this.

Also, you can choose to send out tweets as many times as you want every day. It is all up to you.

  • Can I Customize My Own Tweets?

Yes, while Streamtout has a lot of default and even pre-configured templates for users to choose from, it is also possible for you to customize your own tweet to be sent just the way you wrote them. The automation remains, of course, the only difference is you're the one inputting your tweets by yourself.

Of course you can also make use of a mix of your own tweets plus the optimized, preconfigured ones for even better results.


Models who wish to enjoy absolute success on Chaturbate must be willing to go the extra mile; to do things that not many models are doing. Automating your tweets to reach more people on twitter is one of such steps.

With Streamtout you get to not only do this and cultivate consistency, but you also get to do it in the easiest, most optimized way possible.

Through use of specific hashtags and tweet templates, Streamtout ensures that its users have the most efficient tweets (backed up by numerous tests and research) to reach both new and existing followers.

What's more, the Streamtout program is also absolutely safe and approved by Twitter itself. It works by tapping into the Twitter API where it receives permission to post tweets on the user's behalf. It does not have permission to view your sensitive data or make changes to your profile.

Lastly, Streamtout also offers users the opportunity to customize their own tweets and tweet as many times as they want. And what's more, all of this is done for free.

All in all, if you're a Chaturbate model who is either tired of having to manage many media platforms at once, or just someone looking to capitalize on the traffic goldmine that Twitter has to offer, then Streamtout should definitely be on top of your list of consideration.

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