Free DMCA Protection for Chaturbate Models

Chaturbate models have a lot on their plate. Contrary to popular belief, webcam models on the platform don't just sit around in their rooms experiencing multiple orgasms every single moment of every day.

Despite the fact that it is indeed a more convenient and profitable job than the average occupation, to truly be successful as a Chaturbate model you must put in the work.

Depending on how seriously you take the job, this may include running promotional activities, keeping up with and entertaining your audience, customizing your profile, and of course keeping your content safe from digital pirates.

Sadly, that last part is one of the most challenging of all. The internet is littered with pirated content, with many of them making unbelievable profit for those responsible for their theft.

What's worse, by virtue of the fact that these are stolen contents, they grossly undervalue their worth, and make them available for cheap or even completely free.

This way, they are not only profiting off something that you toiled so hard to create, but they are also actively devaluing the content's worth, taking away from your potential revenue, and seriously hindering your chances of growth.

DMCA Shield Tool

Despite it being an incredible challenge and an ongoing problem, you are not totally helpless when it comes to protecting your content from being pirates.

In fact, Our FREE DMCA Tool was designed for the very purpose of not only giving you surface layer security against piracy and copyright infringement but taking it further by enforcing this security and helping you regain complete autonomy and control over your content, and what you choose to do with it.

From its alpha run, DMCA Shield from Designurbate has quickly become the premier tool to which most Chaturbate models run for protection. This is mostly thanks to its simple but effective mode of operation, along with its reliability and affordability.

We made this tool to protect all our users from people who record live streams and post them elsewhere online. It was our hope that the high percentage of DMCA claims made possible by this tool would greatly convince users of its worth and thereby safeguard more and more users from the serious inconvenience of copyright infringement, and after steady growth and ever-increasing efficiency numbers, it is safe to say that our prognosis has very much been justified.

How it Works

Our DMCA Shield protects your copyrighted content by automatically scanning known DMCA infringement hotspots. Thanks to our network of sophisticated scanning programs, we are able to endlessly sift through a high number of websites, forums, boards and other DMCA hotspots to find cases of violations.

Once you register with us, our system begins its continuous search for DMCA violations and immediately notifies you through email once we find an offending content.

Attached to this email would be the link to the offending website/platform along with detailed instructions on how to take it down.

It is worth noting that all content you post on your Chaturbate profile is automatically protected by the DMCA, also known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is a law that criminalizes the unauthorized use of internet content and intellectual property.

The DMCA is a serious law, meaning you are well within your right to use our tool to seek out and actively penalize people who steal your content for their own use.


The DMCA itself lets people know that it is a criminal act to profit off your content. Sadly, it is not automatically enforced on your behalf. As much as they try, Chaturbate cant always find every violation, but they will always help you with these kinds of issues, as they take DMCA violations of their users very seriously.

And yes, you can choose to customize your profile with a DMCA logo to remind visitors of your profile that your content and broadcasts are indeed covered by DMCA protection, but this is merely a low hanging gate that can be climbed. Useful, but not entirely effective.

To mitigate piracy and infringement even further, you must take the additional step of actively scouring the internet for areas where your contents are being used without authorization. And that's where our DMCA Shield comes in.

Again, it should be noted that since the internet is such a vast space spanning some truly incredible depths, there is no way to guarantee absolute safety. This way, though, you get to sleep a little better knowing you're doing the absolute best you can to a high degree of efficiency.


What's more, our studies have found that making use of DMCA Shield to search and detect cases of infringement also has an indirect effect of discouraging further infringements. Once pirates find that you have an efficient way of discovering a high percentage of infringement cases, and are taking active action against them, they become discouraged to attempt further infringements.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and this is a great way of ensuring deterrence, cutting cases of infringement down even further.

Why You Need a DMCA Shield

Thousands of copyright infringement suits are filed per day. Damages total millions of dollars. In fact, the problem is so profound that many believe that there is no way to completely stop piracy - at least not yet. For now all we can do is catch the ones we can to deter further infringements.

This way, you can rest assured that your content doesn't get devalued. Think about it this way, every day pirates steal your content, put it up for sale at an incredibly unreasonable price, drive down the value and steal away potential fans/audience who would have had to come to you directly to enjoy that content.

Therefore, every single one of these copyright infringement acts that you stop and claim, is you actively reclaiming your value and gaining an additional audience and source of revenue.

Thankfully, with our DMCA Shield running on autopilot, you don't even have to worry about taking valuable time out of your hectic schedule to carry out this search and rescue activity by yourself.

The program handles everything for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Use this Tool?

Making use of our DMCA Shield is completely free. The service is available to any Chaturbate model who wants to make use of it. This is especially great for models just starting out and those who would rather not have to worry about additional expenses in addition to their other promotional expenses.

You also don't have to worry about data theft. DMCA Shield requires no extra information from our users to enable its activation.

The program is turned on by default and you are completely free to disable it whenever you feel that the services are no longer needed.

Closing Thoughts

Protecting your content from being stolen and devalued by digital pirates is a challenging task that's been troubling digital content creators since the advent of the internet. Thankfully, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed to deter this vile act.

Sadly, to really benefit from the protection of DMCA, you have to identify these cases of infringement on your own - or at least you had to.

Now with our DMCA Shield, you can rest peacefully and focus on your broadcasts while we handle the actual search and identification on your behalf. DMCA protection doesn't get easier than this.

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