Make Money With Onlyfans in 2022 - The Ultimate Guide

A lot has changed since Onlyfans arrived on the adult monetization scene a few years ago. Back then, not many people knew about the platform and the few who did were quite skeptical, to say the least.

Regardless of the skepticism, though, some decided to give the website a try and now the rest is history. The success of the earlier models attracted even more people and now Onlyfans is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites in the world.

Nowadays, it is one of the most reliable destinations for young people looking to make an incredible amount of money right from the comfort of their houses - houses which, for lots of models on the site, were financed solely by Onlyfans in the first place.

So is it too late for you to make a ton of money from Onlyfans and maybe even buy yourself a house in the process? Well, no.

Sure, the platform has come a long way since its early days. And sure, there’s a lot more competition now. But despite all of these, with the right information, mindset, and strategy you too can still make a lot of money from Onlyfans even till this very moment.

How Onlyfans Work - Then and Now

Onlyfans started as a way for people to make money by providing quality content for a group of loyal fans and followers. It is satisfying to know that through the years this model still stands.

Basically all you have to do as an adult model to make money on Onlyfans is to upload pictures, videos, live media and engage with your fans through direct messaging. The platform started as something of a hybrid between Snapchat and a fan club, and today it's still pretty much the same.

There have been certain changes worth mentioning, though. The first is the difficulty of getting to the top. Whereas 725 fans subscribing $9.99 each might have made one a top 1% earner on the platform, nowadays you'd need even more.

Secondly, there have been some slight alterations in account creation steps and verification. You don't have to worry, though. We highlight all of these new changes below along with detailed guides on creating an Onlyfans account and making a lot of money afterwards.

Getting Started on Onlyfans

Getting started on Onlyfans is a pretty simple and straightforward affair. The two most important things to know before starting is that you will have to be at least 18 years old to start, and you must register with your genuine government details because you'll be providing verification documents afterwards.

Before verification, though, the first step is creating your account.

1. Creating Your Onlyfans Account

First of all, the good news is that creating your Onlyfans account is free. Secondly, it is quite straightforward. All you have to do is visit the website address and immediately you'll be asked to login or sign up.

As a new user, you should choose to sign up. On the sign up page, you will be required to enter your name, email address, and password.

Those who already have Twitter accounts with their details may also choose to sign up that way, or by linking Gmail accounts. Once this is done you will be taken to your homepage and asked to verify email address.

2. Email Address Verification

To verify your email address, simply go to your email inbox and click on the link sent to you by Onlyfans. You'll be redirected to the login page and asked to login again, but once that's done, your account is officially legitimate.

You can then move on to editing your profile by filling out other key info necessary for monetization. Among the fields we suggest you change immediately are the profile picture, cover image, username, display name, bio, location, and personal website if you have one.

Now once you're done with all of these, you can then begin the serious part: verifying your account and filling out your subscription rate.

Step by Step Guide on Getting Verified and Making Money on Onlyfans

As you may have guessed from the above, creating an account on Onlyfans is just the beginning. To actually start making money on the platform, you must have a verified profile.

It is important to note that an account doesn't become verified after email address confirmation, but only when certain documentations have been provided. Below is a simple step-by-step guide on everything you have to know to get your Onlyfans account verified after initial registration.

Step 1: Register

Obviously before you can start to even think about getting verified, you must first create an account following the steps highlighted earlier.

Step 2: Fill In the Bio, Cover Image and Avatar Image

Onlyfans will not let you complete your verification without having provided appropriate information about yourself on the edit profile page. You will also have to make use of a cover image and avatar image.

Again, it is worth reiterating that every single piece of information you enter from now on should be the correct one. False information will be flagged during the verification process and your account will be suspended.

Step 3: Add a Bank Account

Once all of the above is done, you can then begin to add your bank account information. There are a couple important things to note about this step.

First of all you will be asked to select your country and check a box to confirm you are 18. These are both irreversible processes. Once you choose, there is no going back.

Next you will be asked to complete verification through a new system that redirects users to a dedicated verification page. Onlyfans recommend completing this process using a mobile phone, but you can pull it off with a laptop camera if you want to.

On the dedicated verification page, you will find three options to verify your identity. The first is to verify using your passport. Second option is to use a government issued ID card, while the third is to make use of your driver's license. Either one of these is good.

The new process is also super fast, so once you click on an option, scan your document, take a selfie with your phone or laptop camera, you're on your way to getting verified in no time at all.

Once you have passed this stage, you can then successfully add your bank account and start earning on the platform.

Setting Up Your Subscription Rate

Filling out your subscription rate comes next after verification. It should also be said that this step requires some degree of thought before making your decision.

For those who didn't know, subscriptions are the backbone of Onlyfans. Your fans have to pay your subscription fee to see your content. And even though you can monetize further by locking some content, at the most basic level, your fans must be subscribed before they can even get to see anything.

So what exactly should you consider when choosing your subscription rate? The answers lie below.

• How Much Can You Charge?

Generally, Onlyfans allow models to charge between $4.99 and $49.99. But seeing as the platform also supports models offering free trials and discounted subscriptions, you can pretty much charge whatever you want on the lower end.

• Does Higher Equals Better?

Not necessarily. Obviously, as in all business, your profit margin depends on volume. You can have a high subscription fee but low volume. At the same time, you can have a low subscription fee with high volume.

Ultimately, it is up to you to find the perfect balance. It is also advisable to check out what similar models in your niche are charging.

With the way Onlyfans work, some models even offer free subscriptions so as to charge fans down the line for individual content.

Promoting Your Onlyfans Profile

Having an Onlyfans account is one thing. Building a functional account that actually earns you money is another. The secret that separates people who have the former and those who have the latter? Promotion.

Promotion helps transform your static Onlyfans page into a money making machine. While there are quite a few ways you can choose to promote your Onlyfans profile, the two most effective are social media presence and collaborations.

• Social Media

The most popular method of promoting an Onlyfans account is to leverage the power of social media. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are great for building a fan base.

You can attract new followers there by posting "safe for work" content and teaser videos. Users who really like your content will then be forced to look for more by following your Onlyfans link which you would have placed in your bio.

So many models earn six figures this way, and even though you may not start with six figures, it is a very effective way to start building from scratch.

As long as your content is of a high quality, you should be able to pull off this strategy.

• Collaborations

Another way to get things running on your Onlyfans account is to collaborate with other models on the platform. Models exchange shout-outs and post each other's links on Onlyfans all the time. This way, both parties win.

Apart from collaborating on Onlyfans itself, models can also collaborate on external social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The objective remains the same. Each model gains new followers and ultimately new subscribers and everybody wins.

• Free Trial

Another way to promote your Onlyfans profile is to run a free trial promotion. Here you set your subscription fee to zero and let people subscribe for free. They see what you have to offer and are forced to subscribe for real down the line.

Some models even make use of multiple accounts, a strategy that is completely supported by Onlyfans. Here, you have two accounts, one premium account and another free account.

Once fans subscribe to the free account, you show them even more interesting teaser contents but you leave the best stuff on your premium account.

You indicate through captions and personal messages that they can get even more on your premium account, and before you know it they realize they have no choice but to pay for the premium.

Retaining Your Fans & Making Even More Money

Gaining new fans and followers is great, but the best and most reliable way to keep earning on Onlyfans is to retain the ones you already have. It is much easier to retain fans than to gain new ones.

Ideally you want to keep doing both, but there is no overstating the importance of making sure your fans stay fans. So how do you pull it off? By using the two tactics below.

• Personal Messages

Personal messages are another key component of Onlyfans. Truth is, most of the people who subscribe to you do so because they want a personal connection with you that they can't get on other platforms. Once you give it to them on Onlyfans through personal messages, they will most likely remain loyal fans forever.

• Consistency

As the cliché goes, conspiracy is key. When it comes to Onlyfans, the saying remains true. Consistency keeps your followers glued to your page because they know you're reliable and they can't wait to see what you have to offer next.

On the contrary, lack of consistency makes them forget about you, and before you know it, they are already elsewhere.

Onlyfans Earnings For Extra Motivation

Perhaps the best part about Onlyfans is that their hype is true. There are so many success stories on the platform that it is almost impossible to not be impressed. Models have bought their dream houses, gone on dream vacations, and are able to live their ideal lifestyles simply based off of earnings from Onlyfans.

What's more, the platform is so popular and effective right now, that even top celebrities have Onlyfans accounts. And despite the fact that you can have an Onlyfans account without being sexual, some of these celebrities are actually into adult modeling and sometimes even do hardcore stuff.

Tyga, Lil Pump, and Bella Thorne are examples. The latter made more than 1 million dollars in just 24 hours.

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