How To Add A Background Image On Chaturbate

Did you know it was possible to add a background image on your Chaturbate profile page? Well, it is. For those who were aware of this feature's existence in the first place, you probably know that there are more than enough advantages to be derived from it.

For those who didn't know, well, we're here to tell you that adding a background image on your Chaturbate profile page can elevate your page in ways that nothing else can.

Chaturbate is a really huge platform that keeps on getting bigger by the day. Not only are there more and more fans joining the platform, but there are also more models signing up to meet the excess demand.

This leads to a quite competitive atmosphere where models have to keep doing their best to stand out and be different - in a good way. Adding a background image remains one of the best ways to get this done.

It doesn't just end there, however. Below we will be taking a look at some of the other benefits of adding a background image to your Chaturbate profile, and most importantly, how to make sure you actually do it the right way without sacrificing your convenience or wasting money unnecessarily.

Why You Should Add Background Image on Your Chaturbate Profile

• Stand Out - As mentioned earlier, the most basic reason anyone should add a background image on their Chaturbate bio is to stand out from the bland text-based profiles everyone has by default on the platform. It at least sends a message to your fans that you're definitely not boring, but unique.

• Higher Conversion - Another key function of a background image on Chaturbate is it helps convert ordinary visitors to followers.

The idea behind it is actually quite simple - people are more likely to follow you when your profile image is detailed and interesting enough. It gives them more information that compels them that you are, indeed, worth following. Otherwise they just move on to another profile.

• Information - A background image on your Chaturbate profile can also be used to pass across valuable information to your followers. Not just interesting information that compels them to follow in this case, but genuine information that saves you from answering a lot of questions in the future.

For instance your background bio image may consist of details such as your milestone, tip menu, broadcast schedule, rules and so much more.

• Links & Upselling - Lastly, a background image on Chaturbate can also be used as an avenue to embed links and sell your other products. Yes, you read that right, you can insert external links on your Chaturbate profile through your background bio.

And with this link you can actually sell anything. For some the earnings of Chaturbate is more than enough. Some, however, have to consolidate their revenue by selling other stuff including memorabilia such as panties and other props used during broadcasts.

A background image may be the most perfect way to do this.

How to Add a Background Image on Chaturbate

Seeing as there are so many benefits to be gotten from adding a background image on Chaturbate, one would think the steps involved would be tedious and complicated. Thankfully, this is not so.

Generally, it is quite simple to add a background image on your Chaturbate profile, although it should be noted that there are different methods to do so and some methods may be more tedious than others. Some may also set you back a few dollars.

Luckily, with the right method - which we also discuss below - you get to have the best image designs without worrying about parting with a penny of your money.

Designing Your Background Image from Scratch

To design your background image from scratch you will need to learn how to make use of design programs such as Canva and Photoshop. The learning curve with these programs vary based on the complexities of the designs you have in mind, so if you're going for something quite basic you will not have to spend as much time learning to use them as you would when going for something truly magnificent.

Of course for maximum result on your Chaturbate page, going for the absolute best output is the most advisable route. Luckily, if you happen to have no expertise whatsoever when it comes to design programs, there are still a couple other options to consider.

But first, it is worth knowing why people choose to design their background images from scratch as opposed to making use of any of the other two options.

Why You Should Design by Yourself - And Why You Shouldn't

Obviously designing your Chaturbate profile image on your own is a great alternative when you know what you're doing and don't want to bother spending money on hiring someone to do it for you.

The trade-off here, of course, is that you will have to dedicate a great deal of valuable time in coming up with your design and making your vision a reality. While this isn't such a drawback, it may be more valuable to spend the time focusing on other parts of your Chaturbate journey that cannot be outsourced.

Another reason why you probably shouldn't design your background image on your own is that, well, there is a third alternative that pretty much gets you all the benefits you get by designing yourself without any of the drawbacks.

We go into an in-depth analysis of this but first here's the second alternative to adding a background image on your Chaturbate profile page - hiring someone for the task.

Paying Someone to Design a Background Image for You

If you happen to have neither the time nor the expertise required to design a background image to be added on your Chaturbate profile, then you may also consider paying a professional designer to create a new design for you.

Hiring someone for this task is usually quite straightforward, but of course to get the best results you might have to get a bit technical. For example, while there are more than enough graphics designers on websites such as Fiverr and other freelancer websites, to get the real pros with the right experience level in the field may cost a little bit of digging and money.

Why You Should Hire Someone to Design for You - And Why You Shouldn't

Obviously, hiring someone to design your background image on your behalf saves you a lot of time and affords you the luxury of simultaneously working on other key aspects of growing your Chaturbate empire.

Furthermore, if you happen to strike gold and hire a designer with great expertise and experience, then you are definitely guaranteed to enjoy a great design with a high conversion rate.

Before you begin your search, however, it is worth noting that despite the strong points, there are a few drawbacks involved in hiring someone to design your background image for you. The first of this is the expenses.

Hiring a professional guaranteed to do a good job is expensive. And if you choose to settle for less, well, there is no point in adding a background image in the first place because you just won't reap the same benefits.

Secondly, it may also take a while for your designer to get the final products ready. Seeing as there is a cheaper and faster alternative, hiring a designer is not the method that we recommend.

Using Designurbate Profile Builder Templates

Finally, the last method to consider for getting your Chaturbate background image is making use of a ready-made profile builder just like the one on Designurbate. Using a profile builder is our recommended option for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its ease of use, speed, and affordability.

Compared to the other options with pros balanced out by inconveniencing cons, using a profile builder offers myriad pros without any drawback.

All you have to do to get your background image embedded on Chaturbate through the Designurbate profile builder is log on to the website, browse the catalog of comprehensive graphics, select your options, edit as you please, and export in no time at all.

Why Designurbate Profile Builder is Our Recommended Solution

For those who are worried about taking money out of a tight budget for the simple step of getting a background design for their page, this alternative offers a great solution. All the templates on Designurbate are free to use and can be exported in as little as five minutes, maybe less.

What's more, all designs here are made by professionals with advanced experience in the field. In fact, the designs are so well-made and highly optimized that you would be hard pressed to get the same quality from a paid freelancer.

Lastly and just as importantly, Designurbate offers a free export system that makes it smooth and seamless to get your designs off and on to your Chaturbate profile in no time at all.