Are you ready for an exciting opportunity to get free Chaturbate tokens? Look no further than our GivesTokens website. We have just released our fantastic "Wheel of Fortune" game. By participating in this game, users have a chance to win tokens that they can donate to their favorite Chaturbate models. With the tokens being sent to the models in real-time, this game is an incredible way to support your preferred performers while enjoying the thrill of winning. Read on to learn how you can participate and make a difference in the Chaturbate community!

Spin the Wheel and Win Big:

Our "Wheel of Fortune" game is a fantastic opportunity for Chaturbate users to receive free tokens. Here's how it works:

Head over to the GivesTokens website and tell us which model you want your prize to go to.

Then tell us your Chaturbate username, so we can inform the model that the tokens came from you. If you don't have an account, sign up for free and become a part of the vibrant Chaturbate community.

Spin and Win: Click on the wheel to give it a spin! You'll get one chance to spin the wheel every 72 hours, and if you're lucky, you'll win free Chaturbate tokens instantly.

The number of tokens you can win will vary, and not everyone will win a prize. We give away 10,000 tokens per day, and our algorithm takes into account the number of users in the last 24 hours to help evenly spread the tokens. If you don't win the first time, try again in 72 hours.

Support Your Favorite Models

The beauty of the "Wheel of Fortune" game lies in the ability to support Chaturbate models directly. With your winning tokens, you can choose which model you'd like to donate them to. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation to performers who bring joy, entertainment, and intimacy to the Chaturbate community.

Sending Tokens in Real Time

Once you've chosen the model you'd like to support, the GivesTokens team will ensure that your donated tokens are sent to them promptly. This means your contribution will reach the model almost instantly, making a positive impact on their live performances.

Spread the Word and Share the Fun

While participating in the "Wheel of Fortune" game, don't forget to share the excitement with your friends and fellow Chaturbate enthusiasts. Let them know about this incredible opportunity to win free tokens and support their favorite models. By spreading the word, you'll help create a stronger and more vibrant community on Chaturbate.


The "Wheel of Fortune" game on is an excellent way for users to win free tokens and show their support for their favorite Chaturbate models. Take a spin, win tokens, and make a difference by donating them to the models who bring joy and excitement to your Chaturbate experience. Join in on the fun and experience the thrill of winning while contributing to the vibrant Chaturbate community today!

For Models

Are you a Chaturbate broadcaster? You can encourage your viewers to win tokens on your behalf by putting a customized link on your profile and adding the GivesTokens Chaturbate app to your Chaturbate Apps list. Our app will automatically alert new users with your customized link when they first visit your broadcast.

For anyone that uses our Chaturbate profile designer tool, we have added this option into our profile editor tool, so you can increase awareness of your customized link.

Note: As with any promotion, please refer to Chaturbate's official rules and guidelines to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Note: This is an independent offer brought to you by some very enthusiastic Chaturbate broadcasters who love to share our knowledge, tools, happiness, and prosperity with the Chaturbate community.